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Offshore Accounts Payable Management with Microsoft Dynamics

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Offshore Accounts Payable Management with Microsoft Dynamics

In today’s interconnected business landscape, Accounts Payable (AP) Management is more than just a financial function—it’s a strategic asset. For U.S.-based companies, the drive to achieve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness has led many to offshore their AP Management to countries like India. This strategic move not only offers cost benefits but also provides access to specialized expertise and advanced technologies. In this context, Microsoft Dynamics emerges as a powerful tool, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse business needs.

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Introducing Microsoft Dynamics for AP Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications that help run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights. With Dynamics 365 Finance, organizations have realized legacy cost savings of $3.5 million, making it a prime choice for AP automation.

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How KMK Enhances AP Management for Companies Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics

KMK, renowned for its expertise in AP management, offers a unique proposition for U.S.-based companies leveraging Microsoft Dynamics. Their approach amplifies the inherent benefits of Dynamics 365’s AP automation capabilities, ensuring clients receive unparalleled services. Here’s how:

  • 3-way Matching Process: With Dynamics 365 Finance, KMK ensures accurate alignment of purchase orders, item receipts, and vendor invoices, capitalizing on the platform’s advanced matching capabilities.
  • Streamlined Accruals: Dynamics 365 provides real-time visibility into financial movements. KMK leverages this feature to offer businesses a clear understanding of when, why, and how cash moves, ensuring accurate accruals.
  • Optimized Cash Flow Management: KMK utilizes Dynamics 365’s capabilities to avail early payment discounts, maximize Days Payable Outstanding, and ensure efficient cash flow management.
  • Vendor Ticketing System: KMK’s dedicated system addresses vendor queries promptly, ensuring seamless communication and swift issue resolution.

Benefits of an Offshore Team with Microsoft Dynamics Expertise:

  • Massive Cost Efficiency: Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics in offshoring can lead to significant savings, especially in labor-intensive tasks like AP management.
  • Enabling Extended Operations: With teams across different time zones, businesses can ensure higher productivity levels.
  • Scalability & Continuity: Easily adjust operations based on demand without any disruptions.
  • No Recruitment, Employee Turnover Hassle: Offshoring with Microsoft Dynamics ensures a stable, skilled workforce without the challenges of recruitment and retention.
  • Extended Support Team of the Accounting Department: An offshore team acts as an extended arm of the in-house accounting department, offering added expertise and support.

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In conclusion, for U.S.-based companies using Microsoft Dynamics for their financial operations and looking to offshore their AP management, the combination of KMK Ventures‘ service expertise and the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics presents a compelling, efficient, and cost-effective solution.